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Dica de Profissional: Otimização de processos para desenvolvimento de carreira

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A quick search on the Internet returns countless results with tips on how to be hired or stand out among the other candidates in a selection process. This is because professionals, especially the youngest in the job market, tend to put a lot of effort into the pre-hiring stages but end up neglecting the work needed to stay in the spotlight.  

Effective results are only achieved when we commit to maintaining them even after we start the new job .

And an efficient way to build this mindset is by applying techniques provided by the job market itself. That is why we invite the EDTI School to talk about the Lean Six Sigma method and the profile of this professional. Ever heard of it?

“Every organization needs to make the most of available resources, people, equipment, technologies, right? Etc.” asks Matheus Marrafon, EDTI School, specializing in courses designed to improve processes in companies. “But having all these features and not having the professional to carry out an efficient management of the processes is of no use.That is where the figure of the certified professional in the Lean Six Sigma methodology comes in. He is able to be at the forefront of management and ensure that everything works properly. highly demanding in terms of details and knowledge of the company’s movements, so it generates valuable ideas for professionals in various areas regarding the behavior and skills to be developed. “

Then come to understand how the techniques of methodology can benefit your growth in the company.


The methodology and what we have learned for our career

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The main characteristic of the Lean Six Sigma methodology is to offer efficient management of the processes in a company through the integration between all the functions performed by its several departments, contrary to the concept of management by sectors and sections used in organizations.

“Businesses function as living organisms, with people and activities functioning interdependently. The Six Sigma process management strengthens this systemic vision, favoring improvement at the global level, “ says Matheus.

In summary, process management is a technique used to re-evaluate, improve and standardize work processes, and the Six Sigma professional presents some fundamental characteristics for application in his career.


  1. High Analytical Capability It does not simply mean being able to deal with numbers – while being a great advantage for most professionals – but also of thinking strategically and achieving results based on facts and data gathered from previous company actions. So if you are starting a new job or position, try to develop your situational skills and gather information with which you can put together systematized strategies, make comparisons between failures and successes, and make informed decisions.

  2. Optimization in time management The process management performed by the certified professional in Lean Six Sigma walks along with time management. Both factors help employees stay focused on core activities, eliminating rework and automating tasks. The lesson here is this: as a professional, you know how to prioritize activities and distribute tasks to increase productivity by reducing the time and amount of resources spent. Manage your routine and projects. This characteristic is even capable of highlighting him / her in the company

    if you are free to propose strategic changes. A simple example is the idea of ​​changing the number of meetings held in the company: do you think the quantity can be reduced or the format improved? Build a project and introduce your superiors. Showing that you are applying these ideas in favor of the company as a whole will always count points for your position in the institution.
  3. Communication between departments “It is fundamental that all employees are aware of the need to have new standards of excellence, so that they can establish improvements in the processes, optimizing the results”. Matheus Marrafon’s statement confirms the need for teamwork and the involvement of the entire team in the company’s actions, emphasizing the importance of each individual to the gear. For you as a professional, it means working collaboratively, stimulating interpersonal relationships within the organization and communicating with the various departments . “Like this,

    os colaboradores passam a ter uma visão macro da firma, facilitando a sugestão de novas ideias e o entendimento da importância da sua atividade para o cumprimento do objetivo”, conclui Marrafon.
  4. Rapidez na tomada de decisão
    O profissional certificado em Lean Seis Sigma precisa agir sob pressão e prazos apertados. Para que o trabalho funcione, planejamento e acompanhamento são fundamentais.

    “No caso de estar negociando com um fornecedor, por exemplo, ter os números corretos da entrega e enviar e-mails de lembrete sobre o prazo da entrega garantem que o processo ocorra como esperado”, exemplifica Marrafon. “Nós brincamos que a decisão precisa ser tomada antes mesmo de precisar ser tomada”.

    Aplique sua habilidade de antecipação constantemente, respondendo às inquietações do mercado em tempo hábil e potencializando suas oportunidades de negócios.

Ficou claro como a gestão por processos do método Seis Sigma ensina e acrescenta ao gerenciamento da sua carreira e comportamento diante dela? Existe muita inspiração e aprendizado no próprio mercado de trabalho, então olhe para os lados. Observe o funcionamento da empresa onde trabalha ou deseja trabalhar. Aprenda com a experiência de colegas. O objetivo principal das dicas apresentadas é guiar suas ações para o atendimento das necessidades dos clientes e, consequentemente, da empresa como um todo, gerando resultados enriquecedores para seu currículo.


Interested? Follow the Adzuna Blog for more professional tips. And to learn more about the methodology, visit the EDTI School website and learn how to take Six Sigma certification courses that will be a differential in your professional future.